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Vailintín Brún by Aogán Ó Rathaille

This satire was written to Valentine Browne, landowner, following the death of his father Sir Nicholas Browne. The poem is a bitter acknowledgement that the old Gaelic political order has been annihilated taking with it forever the patronage of poets. The Western Sun refers to the Mc Carthy family which had been the Irish aristocratic family supplanted by the Brownes. There are 6 Verses in total.

Hear the text read in Irish.

in Irish

Do leathanaigh an ciach diachrach fám sheana-chroí dúr
ar thaisteal na ndiabhal n-iasachta i bhfearann Chuinn chúinn;
scamall ar ghriain iathair dár cheartas ríocht Mumhan
fá deara dhom triall riamh ort, a Vailintín Brún.

in English

A terrible pain had overpowered my heart
since the arrival of the devilish foreigners on the land
a cloud hangs over the western sun, the true ruler of Munster
that's the only reason I have to visit you, Valentine Browne

English Interpretation Hilary Mhic Suibhne